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Time to Tea is based in Basel and offers authentic and handmade Indian Chai that can be customised in 100 ways using fresh and whole spices from Kerala.

Why Time to Tea?

We won’t compromise on quality. Our teas are of the highest grade and are sourced from small growers, self employed businesses and women who grow their Teas with love and great care. Each tea is thoughtfully sourced and picked at peak season with over 80% vacuum sealed on the tea estates to ensure the tea in your cup tastes as fresh as the day it was picked. We’re proud to serve our teas and think you’d be too. Our Management Team is directly involved in each and every procurement, packaging trying to ensure we give back to our communities at every stage.

Masala Chai – enjoyed with friends!

Time to Tea offers 200 plus premium, natural and high quality tea leaves from small farms and family owned businesses across the world.

Time to Tea Switzerland is a women owned business supporting more than 50 women businesses across India, Switzerland, Ecuador, Japan and Taiwan with genuine intent towards women empowerment and entrepreneurship.

Founder of Time to Tea is also the President of WICCI (Women India Chamber of Commerce and Industry) Switzerland India Bilateral Council with more than 10 million network globally focussed on development of women entrepreneurship and business.

At Time to Tea, we believe in quality and not quantity as human health is not cheap and deserves utmost care.

Time to Tea conducts many Matcha, Tea Tasting, Storytelling and other meaningful workshops in Basel and other parts of Switzerland.



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