About Us


What’s Up is a network of social groups that organises events across Switzerland.

We have over 22000 members. 

To help our members with businesses we have created a group website call SwissMeUp.com.

Members can get special offers and discounts on this website.

So, get into the What’s Up Network in Switzerland today and take advantage of some amazing SwissMeUp.com discounts and promotions.

What’s Up has established social groups (some new) in all major cities in Switzerland.

Our biggest and most active groups are in Bern (8500 members), Basel (5000 members) and Zurich (1000 members).

We have newly established groups in Geneva, Lausanne, Lucerne, St. Gallen and the Ticino Region.

Bruce Anderson
Director – Marketing and Business Development
Serena Adair Boder
Founding Director – Event Management and Social Media Manager
Chris Darwa
What’s Up Zurich Director Events and Membership.
Ashish V Kulshreshtha
Group Director – Technology