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Rural Switzerland on an E-Bike takes some beating and it's a great time to zip into a self-service farm shop. Many offer the option to pay in cash or using Twint. Whilst pumpkins are starting to become more scarce there's always fresh eggs, cheese and an array of fantastic meat products. If you live in Switzerland but not near a farm shop, you can always order some produce from either of our South African friends. Reon at the BLUE BULL SHOP or Peter at Wildwurst. Details are always on our SwissMeUp website. Great idea for special occasions – get some top quality meat delivered to your door. Both businesses deliver. We've tried several products for these Gold Star accredited suppliers and the Reon's lamb was great. Peter makes exceptionally good Biltong with chilli.

We have yet to try Peter's famous bacon jam which people are raving about.

Enjoy Switzerland!



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Breaking out of the Box – Business Inspiration from Basel.

A new article about education and early learning.

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If you are in Zurich check out this amazing vegetarian restaurant.  We dropped in for lunch in June and thought it was absolutely fantastic!


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Wine tasting with Vinorama in Laupen is always a great event.


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