Customised Cookies offers a wide range of sugar cookies, all handmade and for absolutely any occasion.

Customised Cookies is a GOLD STAR Service Provider. They make very yummy cookies – we know this, because we ate some and then some more!

Are you planning a birthday surprise?

Would you like to personalise a thank you gift?

Berdine has lots of ideas that will help make it a special occasion.

Add a little colour and cheer to your Christmas with Santa and his red-nosed reindeers.

Seven or eight on your birthday cake?

Customised Cookies can make 3D printed cake toppers to suit your theme.

Customise your cookies for parties, bridal or baby showers, weddings, an anniversary or your business opening – YES even your business logo can be on a sugar cookie!

It’s easy to order, just email Berdine.

There’s lots of flavours! You can choose from the Bakery Style Cookies collection – including choc-chip, white chocolate and honeycomb, home roasted macadamia nut and white chocolate.

The yummy Smarti Chocolate Chip Cookie.

The delicious Macadamia White Chocolate Cookie!