Macos Coffee Crafters GmbH


Specialty coffee roastery and more!

We are passionate about infusing your coffee cup with flavor.

Our aim is to supply delicious, high-quality, and sustainably sourced coffee.

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Adela and Marius make great coffee!

We were born from our passion for coffee, from the pleasure and joy of savouring a cup.

We are only roasting small coffee batches so perfect taste and aroma is delivered to you.

Visit our online store to get  fresh roasted beans for your perfect coffee at home.

Visit us on 32 Sumpfstrasse, 6312 Steinhausen for a great coffee shop experience – try out different coffee origins and brewing methods. 

We are also offering bespoke barista services, for private parties, corporate events and expositions.We can create a bespoke coffee blends for cafes, restaurants and hotels.

SwissMeUp TOP TIP – YES we have tried MACOS products and we were very impressed. Macos deliver straight to your door! They also offer extremely reasonable delivery charges which may be waived for purchases over CHF100 (subject to address and only within Switzerland)

Macos Coffee Crafters GmbH

Sumpfstrasse 32, 6312 Steinhausen
Kanton Zug

Tel: +41 78 259 45 03