Shenoa Tara is an independent Shiatsu Therapist offering modern and comprehensive holistic bodywork. 

Her specialty is the bridging of modern neuroscience in somatics with more traditional forms of bodywork. She focuses on nervous system regulation to address symptoms such as anxiety, sleep issues and burnout. 

She has worked in the alternative health field for over 10 years and has consistently deepened and refined her knowledge to best serve her clients.

Shiatsu is a recognized form of therapy in Switzerland, with complimentary insurance typically covering a large portion of the cost. 

The benefits of Shiatsu Therapy include:

  • an increase in body awareness and ability to self-regulate.
  • access to a more settled and centered state of being.
  • a broader perspective into symptoms and individualized tools to help navigate those challenges.

Gotthelfstrasse 44
3400 Burgdorf

078 662 9335

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