The Swiss festival celebrating beer, food, friends & more beer!

Every year as warmer weather starts to approach Switzerland, a group of ever-growing beer enthusiasts gather in a town called Burgdorf.

I don’t think I need say much more!  You’re already going, aren’t you?

BUT if you would like me to expand and give you some more specific details – then here we go:

They call it…

‘Let It Beer’

…which, let’s face it, is a pretty cool name.

Brew masters from across the country arrive and quietly set up their stalls with kegs galore, anticipating the opening of the door to punters eager to sample a pint or more.  It’s almost poetic drinking.

For two days, fun, food and friends combine as ale flows like a scene from the Netflix series ‘Vikings’. ‘Proscht’, ‘Cheers’ and even ‘Skol or Skál’ can be heard both inside the great hall and outside in the sunny courtyard of the busy Burgdorf Markthalle.

Last year, Let It Beer attracted over 4500 people!  

This year, over 30 breweries and 12 food stalls await.  

You can expect cheesy burgers, pulled pork, Swiss sausages and even Hungarian Lángos.  You know, good beer food that the true connoisseur can indulge and enjoy.  

Then there’s the beer.  Did I mention the beer?  Let’s do the maths.  More than 30 breweries with six or even seven different beers each is over 200 beers.  I know exactly what you are now thinking and only my mate Dave from Inverness would have a chance at getting close.  Here’s the clever bit for normal folk like you and me…. You can buy as little as 1 deciliter or opt for 2 deciliters or ‘do a Dave’ and go all out and ask for 3 deciliters.  Each unto his own!  Take lots of coins – just my tip.

Being a Swiss event, you might be thinking, ‘this will be expensive to get in to!’.  On the contrary and this might surprise you….. It’s only CHF16 and they give you a commemorative glass to take home.  Another CHF20 at the door, will get you the festival T-shirt.  I’ve still got mine from last year.  I’m not sure why I mentioned that.

So ….. how do you get there?

Leave your car at home.  There is ample public transport running regularly and on arrival in Burgdorf, just follow the Swiss – they will all be walking in the same direction.  Bern to Haltestelle Hallenbad in Burgdorf is probably your plan. Get the SBB app if you still haven’t got it.  

Don’t hesitate to bring the entire family to this well organised event.  The food stalls are a massive hit with the kids and there’s a field adjacent for those who want to dash about with a ball or frisbee.  Also of interest, Burgdorf boasts an 800 year old castle and excellent walking tracks.


Definitely get a ticket for Let It Beer online and in advance.  CHF25 gets you a two-day entrance ticket – Dave already has his!  If you want to wing it and grab a ticket on the day, the box office opens 30 minutes before doors open, but seriously jump online, grab a ticket and lock this in and then invite some friends. This is a truly fantastic gathering of people intent on having fun.

Friday 22nd March 2024 – 5pm – 12.30am – Last orders at midnight.

Saturday 23rd March 2024 – 2pm – 12.30am – Last orders at midnight.

Markthalle Burgdorf, Sägegasse 19, 3400 Burgdorf.
It is only a 10-minute walk from Burgdorf’s main train station. 

Alternatively, there is a bus running directly to the Markhalle (stop Hallenbad).

Come and join us this fourth Let It Beer event in Burgdorf.  

Vikings are welcome.  Skál!

This article was written by Bruce Anderson for & Let It Beer.